Smallbore Silhouette May 2016

REMINDER: We are going to start shooting these matches earlier. Match time is now 9:30am. This will help with the summer heat. Everyone is ready and waiting around for the ;last half hour anyway. Please make sure you are ready to go by 9:30am.

Here are the scores from the May match:

Standard Rifle:

Wayne MerierMaster676423
Hugh McCombsAAA895729Match Winner
Joe LoehleAAA9546241st AAA
Lawrence WallerAAA564621
Brad SturzAA7653211st AA, 5 pigs
Lynette McCombsAA3656202nd AA
Rachel HarperAA451616
Steve HowardAA533415
Jim BurdetteAA640313
Pete HarperAA343111
Ronda OwensA231410moved to AA
Tony NarracciB4721141st B
Larry MoodyB441110

Hunter Rifle:

Hugh McCombsMaster895830Match Winner
Wayne MerierAAA7655231st AAA
Joe LoehleAAA454619
Lawrence WallerAAA633517
Steve HowardAA8567261st AA, 5 chickens
Brad SturzAA8736242nd AA, 5 chickens
Rachel HarperAA643619
Lynette McCombsAA543517
Pete HarperAA533314
Jim BurdetteAA371314
Ronda OwensA844117moved to A
Tony NarracciB4623151st B, moved to A class
Larry MoodyB361111