Smallbore Silhouette Match, June 18, 2016

Overcast and relatively cool day (for June). A slight wind picked up by the end of the match to be fairly substantial. Brad Sturz really had a good day taking both Match Winners and his first ten-in-a-row on chickens.

Reminder for next month: We will be starting the match at 9:30am. I will not be there and Wayne Merier will be running the match.

Standard Rifle

Wayne MerierMaster754521
Joe LoehleAAA6654211st AAA
Dan Makley JRAAA373518
Brad SturzAA895426Match Winner, 5 chicken, 5 pig
Rachel HarperAA7546221st AA
Steve HowardAA284216
Pete HarperAA540413
John TaylorAA32117
Johnie JohnsonA4326151st A, 5 rams
Kathy LangA531211
Alan BoultonA51006
Larry MoodyB4515151st B, moved to A
Tony NarracciB323412
Traci ThomasB12115
Dan Makley SRUNC110021st UNC

Hunting Rifle

Brad SturzAAA1094427Match Winner, 10 chicken
Dan Makley JRAAA6736221st AAA
Joe LoehleAAA854219
Wayne MerierAAA444416
Steve HowardAA7625201st AA (shootoff)
Rachel HarperAA574420
Pete HarperAA533516
John TaylorAA422412
Tony NarracciA5614161st A
Johnie JohnsonA224614
Larry MoodyB4315131st B
Kathy LangB323412
Alan BoultonB21115
Traci ThomasB21115
Dan Makley SRUNC4321101st UNC