Shotgun Tuesdays Request

This event has not been fully approved by the executive board. The rules below are an early draft. Any final SOPs for the event will be published when the event is approved.


As mentioned in the newsletter, the Shotgun Tuesday group has asked for the closing of the Long Range line during that time in order to have a more complete event. Here is the information that they provided prior to voting on it at the next meeting.



SOP ShotGun Safety First Fun Shoot


This event is a non competitive, recreational and social 5-Stand Style Fun Shoot, for Club Members and their Guests with Sporting Shotguns. It is conducted when scheduled, each Tuesday Morning from 10:00 till Noon. Participants bring their own shotguns, target ammunition sized 7 1/2, 8 or 9.

They are encouraged to occasionally donate a box of biodegradable clay targets.

Management and Responsibilities

Each event is managed and operated by the following:

Event Director: Responsible for the overall operation of the event as specified by the CGGC Match Directors Checklist, and to the CGGC executive committee

Asst Director- acts for the director, also responsible for information, communications and planning. Coordinates with the Safety Monitor and Trap Meister to properly establish shooting positions, establish the field layout and safe area.

Firing Line Officer- responsible of the operation of the firing line, order of fire and flow of participants.

Safety Monitor – responsible for the safe racking, handling, loading and unloading of firearms by each participant. Also responsible to ensure that targets and falling shot are directed within property boundaries.

Trap “Meister”– Responsible for the placement of trap machines, in accordance with approved target field and safety zone layout and for all target launches. Also responsible to direct the trouble shooting and repair of machine malfunctions.



May 7, 2015



Participants are responsible for the knowledgeable safe operation and handling of their firearm, use of only approved ammunition, following the directions of the Director and the Firing Line Officer. A straight line of not more than 5 shooting positions will be established.

Once a relay of participants for each squad for the next round , has entered the swing guards, they may load not more than two shells. Calling for the target starts with position 1, and proceeds with each shooter has called for a target .

Shooters may shoot one or two shots at single targets. Chokes may not be changed after a round has begun.

The shooting proceeds round robin, until each relay has gone through five rounds of targets. At which time, shotguns are safely unloaded, cleared with the safety monitor and racked, Then the next relay will be called to the line The selection of targets, order of fire, and launching of targets is under the direction and discretion of the Trap Meister. The order of targets may include single or doubles.

Participants and observers will remain in the covered area behind the firing line.

Hearing and eye protection required.

Pistols and rifles are prohibited. Non-sporting shotguns are discouraged and must be 18” barrel minimum and capable of being shoulder fired.

Rule and safety violations may result in immediate termination of your participation.



May 7, 2015

Prior to the event,

Officials will close the Long Line, establish and mark field layout, place the trap machines, gun racks and shooting position swing guards..

Participants, who are members and bonafide guests of members, will register with the event director, who assigns squad/shooting positions and relay order.

Participation is first come, first served, with a cutoff anticipated at 40 shooters.

At the Start of the Event

The Director , calling the line cold, will conduct an orientation and safety briefing for all participants , including and overview of how the event will be conducted.

With the line declared hot, participants will place their firearm, unloaded, in the appropriate gun racks.

During the Event,

Participants, following direction of the Firing Line Official, take positions at the swing guards according to their preassigned squad and relay, Come to the line with your shells stored in your pocket/vest.

Empty hulls, when possible are to be placed in the nearby containers.

In the event of a malfunction, or other problem, call a cease fire and request assistance of the safety official who may require that guns be moved to the designated safe area, for clearing malfunctions, choke changes, or repair.

After the event, Only when the line has been declared hot, will Guns and Ammunition be removed and transported for storage.

With the line then declared cold, Participants will be welcome to help with event teardown, retrieval of unbroken clays, policing of empty hulls, and enjoy the tradition broken clay stomping.



May 7, 2015

Proposed and Approval Requested by:

Tom Cox – Director

Joe Miranda – Asst Director

Wayne Doke and John Taylor Safety Advisors

CGGC May 1, 2015



May 7, 2015