Reminder: Six Stages for November Outlaw Steel Match (11.10.18)

The next steel match is Saturday, November 10th.

We will be shooting six stages (subject to change depending on weather and range conditions).

This match will be an Outlaw Steel Match. The rules for Outlaw Steel are identical to a regular steel match, but the configuration of stages will not follow the standard steel challenge format.

We begin promptly at 9:00 am.

Please arrive by 8:30 am for registration and safety briefing.

Info for potential new shooters:

  1. It is ideal to have five magazines for each firearm you plan to shoot.
  2. If you are fortunate enough not to miss a single shot, each stage requires a minimum of 25 rounds.
  3. To be safe, plan on somewhere between 30-50 rounds per stage to ensure a sufficient amount of ammo.
  4. All .22 pistols/rifles and pistol caliber carbines must have an empty chamber indicator andbe carried in a range bag that is capable of being zipped.