Range closure delayed until September

Due to a scheduling conflict with one of our contractors the proposed closing date for the range of August 4th is no longer in effect. The range will remain open for the entire month of August, and remain open through Labor Day. The range will close on September 2nd and remain closed until such time as all pre-opening projects are completed, to include new orientations. As stated before, please realize that equipment problems and weather are not under our control.

The only matches that remain scheduled in August are the High-Power and Steel. The USPSA and Silhouette will not be held. The scheduled Work Day will still occur along with many Special Work Days, and PLEASE do remember the YHEC Youth Program being held on August 30th where your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

It is an unfortunate scheduling change but was out of our control. Hopefully this will work out with the least amount of disruption for all members.