How do I become a member of Coastal Georgia Gun Club, Inc.?

Take a look at the calendar on the website and you will see all the Club matches and workdays listed. Each Saturday there is a match or a workday. The matches and workdays are open to the public. Come to a match and/or a workday and introduce yourself. Get to know the people there. Let them know that you are interested in joining the Club, but don’t know anyone in it. If you can, compete in the match with them. If not, talk to the shooters; they welcome visitors as well as spectators.

The most important thing at any gun club is safety. By visiting and competing in matches, the Match Directors and other members will be able to observe your ability to handle firearms, to practice gun safety and your willingness to follow safety rules. Even helping out at a workday (they only last a couple of hours) will allow members to get to know you. One of them might possibly agree to bring you to the range to shoot with them. This would be at the discretion of the member(s) you meet.

In order to join the CGGC you must complete a membership application, have a member sponsor you, and have two other members sign your application as co-sponsors. You must also sign a waiver form, and pay all required fees prior to your application being processed. (The fees will be returned to you if you are not accepted into the Club.)

All of our members are required to be a current member of the NRA. If you are not an NRA member, you can find a link on the Home Page of our web site to join.

You must also show evidence that you can legally own a firearm – either a current firearms permit or a form stating that you have passed a background check. If you don’t have a current permit, you can obtain a background check from your local police.

Once these steps are completed, you and your sponsor will attend a Club meeting to introduce you to the members in attendance. Your name and your sponsor’s name will be published in the Club newsletter as a new applicant for membership.  At the following month’s Club meeting, your sponsor will again appear on your behalf and your application will be voted upon by the membership present at the meeting. If your application is approved, you will need to attend an orientation. At that time you will be given your membership ID card and the combination to the gate.

There are no shortcuts to this process; our membership list is confidential and is not available to non-members. Good luck – hope to see you at the range!


(* Pro-rated quarterly)

(* Pro-rated quarterly)

REGULAR MEMBERSHIP:……………………..….$200.00
(Renewal fee after first year)

(Spouse of Senior or Life Members only. No voting privileges.)

JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP……………………..… $ 20.00
(No voting privileges. Must be accompanied at range.)

REINSTATEMENT FEE:…………………………..$100.00
(Also applies to renewals after October 31 of each year.)

ANNUAL SERVICE FEE:………………………….$ 50.00
(Waived for new applicants and with any approved service.)


Requirements to Join

1)  You must have a sponsor and 2 co-sponsors who have been current Club members for at least one year. The purpose of a these sponsors is to be sure that you are a responsible person and can handle a firearm safely.  Your Sponsor and Co-sponsors must be able to state from first-hand knowledge that you are a safe and responsible individual. Your Sponsor must be able to state from first-hand knowledge that he/she has witnessed your ability to handle firearms in a safe and responsible manner. Both Sponsors and Co-sponsors will be held responsible for your actions on Club property and understand that their membership status could be compromised by your actions.

2) You must have proof of your ability to legally own a firearm.  This proof includes the following: GA Firearms License or a Firearms/Concealed Carry License from any state with which Georgia has a reciprocal agreement. If you do not have Firearms License, you must have a background check done by your local police department. You will be responsible for any charges incurred for either the Firearms License or the background check.  A copy of your Firearms License or a copy of the results of the background check must be submitted with your application for membership; your application will not be accepted without it.

3) You must provide proof that you are a current NRA member.  If you are not a member at the time of application, it is recommended that you join the NRA at the meeting so we will have a record of your NRA application, as it takes several weeks for the NRA to process it.  You may join or renew your NRA membership online through the Club website with a credit card and attach the online confirmation.

4) Complete the application and sign and date it.  Be sure your sponsor and co-sponsors complete their sections of the application and sign it.

5) Complete the waiver and sign and date it.

6) You must pay the pro-rated membership dues at the time of application. If your application is declined, your payment will be returned.

7) You and your sponsor will present the application paperwork and dues payment at a regular Club meeting. At the meeting, your sponsor will be asked to introduce you and give the members attending the meeting information about you and verify that he knows you personally and will vouch for your ability to handle firearms in a safe and responsible manner.  You will be asked to introduce yourself and answer questions (if any) that may be asked pertaining to this information and/or why you would like to become a member.

8) The month following your introduction, your sponsor (or co-sponsor) will come to the meeting without you and be prepared to answer any questions that may arise regarding your application. A vote will be taken.  If your application is accepted by the membership attending the meeting, you will be notified by mail and will become a full member once you have completed a range orientation.

9) The new member range orientation is normally completed at the range on a work day (the second Saturday of each month). If you cannot attend the range orientation at that time, you will need to contact the Chief Range Officer for alternate scheduling or wait until the following month.

10) ALL new member applicants agree to serve on a one-year range work committee that is organized and supervised by the Chief Range Officer; you will be given a work assignment and schedule after your membership is approved.

NOTE:  Items 1 through 6 must be completed before your introduction as a prospective member.  You will not be introduced and your application for membership will not be processed unless ALL of these items are presented at the time of your introduction.


Application Form (PDF download)

Waiver Form (PDF Download)