Georgia State Championship (Smallbore Rifle Silhouette)



DATES: September 21-22, 2019. Smallbore Rifle match will occur on Saturday. Smallbore Hunting Rifle match will occur on Sunday.

PRACTICE: The range will be open on Friday, September 20th from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

MATCH TIME: Matches begin both days at 9:00 am. Sight-in and practice is from 8:00 am – 8:45am.

MEMBERSHIP: The match is open to all shooters. Membership in the NRA is not required. Membership in the Georgia Sport Shooting Association is required for GA residents. Out-of-state shooters must be members of their state association or join GSSA.

RANGE CAPACITY: 60 shooters per day. Please register early.

SQUADDING: Competitors will be allowed to choose their own starting target and relay on a first-come, first-serve basis at check-in on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning before 8:45am. Competitors will score for the relay following them.

COURSE OF FIRE: Both day’s matches will consist of two 40-shot matches each day as follows:

10 shots at Chickens at 40 meters
10 shots at Pigs at 60 meters
10 shots at Turkeys at 77 meters
10 shots at Rams at 100 meters

SCORE: Your final match score is the aggregate of the two 40- shot matches (80 shots total). Shoot-offs and National Long Run records will be shot at the end of each day.

RULES: Current NRA Silhouette rules will apply.

SAFETY: Open-Bolt Indicators are required. Listen for Range Commands. Case deflectors are required on semi-autos. Standard velocity ammuntion only.

CLASSES: NRA rules apply. Unclassified shooters compete in Master class. Classification can occur on Friday afternoon. Lone competitors will shoot in next higher class. Two shooters make a class.

AWARDS: Georgia Open State Champion award will be presented to the highest scoring competitor. The Georgia State Champion must be a Georgia resident. If a Georgia resident wins the Open Championship, only one award will be made. Class awards will be as follows: Two (2) places will be awarded in Master Class. Three (3) places will be awarded in AAA Class through B Class. Awards will also be presented to the High Senior (60-70), High Super Senior (70+), High Lady, and High Junior (20 and below) each day. Awards will be plaques and will be presented at the conclusion of the afternoon match each day.

LUNCH: Lunch is provided on Saturday and Sunday to shooters. If you would like to buy an additional lunch, it is $12 per person.

SHIRTS: T-shirts will be provided to those who register by Friday, August 16th, 2019. If you would like to buy an additional shirt, it is $15.

FACILITIES: Drinking water will be available. There are two bathrooms available.

LODGING: There are numerous hotels available close to the range at Exits 36 and 38 off I-95.

TARGET-SETTERS: We will have target-setters for both matches.

CLASSIFICATION CARDS: All shooters must have an up-to-date 2019 NRA Silhouette Rifle Classification Card.

REGISTRATION: Match registration and entry fee payment is now an online process.


or paste the following link into your browser:

CONTACT: For any questions, please use contact below:


DIRECTIONS:From I-95 north or south take exit 36 B to highway 341 north; follow 341 for 4 miles to Green Swamp Road, turn right. Go straight for 0.6 miles. Turn right on the dirt road just past the railroad tracks (Gisco/Range Road), this road leads through the range gate.


Smallbore Silhouette Match, June 18, 2016

Overcast and relatively cool day (for June). A slight wind picked up by the end of the match to be fairly substantial. Brad Sturz really had a good day taking both Match Winners and his first ten-in-a-row on chickens.

Reminder for next month: We will be starting the match at 9:30am. I will not be there and Wayne Merier will be running the match.

Standard Rifle

Wayne MerierMaster754521
Joe LoehleAAA6654211st AAA
Dan Makley JRAAA373518
Brad SturzAA895426Match Winner, 5 chicken, 5 pig
Rachel HarperAA7546221st AA
Steve HowardAA284216
Pete HarperAA540413
John TaylorAA32117
Johnie JohnsonA4326151st A, 5 rams
Kathy LangA531211
Alan BoultonA51006
Larry MoodyB4515151st B, moved to A
Tony NarracciB323412
Traci ThomasB12115
Dan Makley SRUNC110021st UNC

Hunting Rifle

Brad SturzAAA1094427Match Winner, 10 chicken
Dan Makley JRAAA6736221st AAA
Joe LoehleAAA854219
Wayne MerierAAA444416
Steve HowardAA7625201st AA (shootoff)
Rachel HarperAA574420
Pete HarperAA533516
John TaylorAA422412
Tony NarracciA5614161st A
Johnie JohnsonA224614
Larry MoodyB4315131st B
Kathy LangB323412
Alan BoultonB21115
Traci ThomasB21115
Dan Makley SRUNC4321101st UNC


Smallbore Silhouette May 2016

REMINDER: We are going to start shooting these matches earlier. Match time is now 9:30am. This will help with the summer heat. Everyone is ready and waiting around for the ;last half hour anyway. Please make sure you are ready to go by 9:30am.

Here are the scores from the May match:

Standard Rifle:

Wayne MerierMaster676423
Hugh McCombsAAA895729Match Winner
Joe LoehleAAA9546241st AAA
Lawrence WallerAAA564621
Brad SturzAA7653211st AA, 5 pigs
Lynette McCombsAA3656202nd AA
Rachel HarperAA451616
Steve HowardAA533415
Jim BurdetteAA640313
Pete HarperAA343111
Ronda OwensA231410moved to AA
Tony NarracciB4721141st B
Larry MoodyB441110

Hunter Rifle:

Hugh McCombsMaster895830Match Winner
Wayne MerierAAA7655231st AAA
Joe LoehleAAA454619
Lawrence WallerAAA633517
Steve HowardAA8567261st AA, 5 chickens
Brad SturzAA8736242nd AA, 5 chickens
Rachel HarperAA643619
Lynette McCombsAA543517
Pete HarperAA533314
Jim BurdetteAA371314
Ronda OwensA844117moved to A
Tony NarracciB4623151st B, moved to A class
Larry MoodyB361111

2016 Georgia State Smallbore Silhouette Championship

Here are the scores from the weekend. It is pretty obvious everyone was shooting under some very adverse conditions. The wind was quite the factor. And it was;t just a steady wind, it was gusty wind that changed directions constantly. The gusts seemed to be start as soon as the command “FIRE!” was given. I’d like to thank everyone who pitched in to help put on the tournament. That included both club members helping out before and during, as well as some family members of shooters who pitched in right when needed. It was a great team effort to pull it all off. So, here are the scores:

Saturday, April 16, 2016: Standard Rifle

Name CPTR CPTR  HAAwards
Bowling, MicalM66762578742651141st M
Merier, PerryM7564226655224411
Merier, Wayne (GA)M7657255843204593rd M
Simmons, ChrisM1097531710973364161st Open
Watkins, MaryM510842769252249102nd M, High Lady
Boydston, JerryAAA565521563721428
Chandler, GregAAA6545206858274793rd AAA
Culpepper, Stephen (GA)AAA9476269977325814GA Champ, High Animal
Grigg, BennyAAA67842586562550132nd AAA, High Super Sr
Heisterkamp, Cora (GA)AAA69472679762955112nd Open, High Jr
Higgins, MonteAAA755522762419417
Loehle, Joe (GA)AAA642214583521355
McCombs, HughAAA61055268737255181st AAA, High Sr
Odom, James (GA)AAA9944268747265283rd Open
Rosenquist, Carol (GA)AAA932620882624444
Sapp, Ricky (GA)AAA493824573419436
Sprouse, Tim (GA)AAA232310452112224
Waller, LawrenceAAA565218463518368
Bragalone, VicAA333312634215275
Burdette, Jim (GA)AA32106532414204
Davis, Taylor (GA)AA522413634114275
Eidson, DennisAA573318364215335
Foster, RudolphAA1301523117122
Grigg, KathrynAA563216355114303
Harper, Pete (GA)AA562417543517349
Harper, Rachel (GA)AA544316451414307
Harris, Curtis (GA)AA364417342110275
Howard, Steve (GA)AA64472185362243131st AA, High Animal
Lavides, TobieAA744318261312306
McCombs, LynetteAA471315634417327
McRary, TomAA6734205655214192nd AA
Newsom, David (GA)AA552315443415307
Smith, Stacy (GA)AA432312677121334
Sturz, Brad (GA)AA5743196654214073rd AA
Taylor, John (GA)AA364316442313296
Wiles, ToddAA355013573116291
Shaver, Bill (GA)AA565117550414315
Cooper, Karen (GA)A21126241512184
Heisterkamp, Abbey (GA)A66562347431841101st A, High Animal
Lang, Kathy (GA)A3642153412102562nd A
Owens, Ronda (GA)A24321111226173
Reese, Ben (GA)A23308421310186
Sharp, EdA52029423514239
Swords, MarkA2423112651142543rd A
Thomas, Traci (GA)B/A120250111381

Sunday, April 17, 2016: Hunting Rifle

NameClassCPTRMatch 1CPTRMatch 2 AggregateHigh Animal CountAwards
Bowling, MicalM79562767682754112nd Open
Culpepper, Stephen (GA)M8754248885295313GA Champ, High Animal
McCombs, HughM96372576712146101st M, High Sr
Merier, PerryM38672597482852103rd Open
Sapp, Ricky (GA)M58542226592244102nd M
Simmons, Chris M810393079852959111st Open
Watkins, MaryM2654175925213873rd M
Boydstun, JerryAAA8662227753224411High Animal
Chandler, GregAAA634720845219399
Grigg, BennyAAA87542475542145103rd AAA, High Super Sr
Heisterkamp, Cora (GA)AAA695727755219462nd AAA, High Junior
Higgins, MonteAAA5367213555183911
Loehle, Joe (GA)AAA77662674462147101st AAA
McRary, TomAAA5564206844224210
Merier, Wayne (GA)AAA444719786425449
Odom, James (GA)AAA763319786425449
Rosenquist, Carol (GA)AAA464317683421387High Animal
Sprouse, Tim (GA)AAA1412831239173
Bragalone, VicAA54331533129245
Burdette, Jim (GA)AA3330942118178
Cooper, Karen (GA)AA752418642315337
Davis Taylor (GA)AA323210535316265
Eidson, DennisAA4655208423173782nd AA
Foster, RudolphAA34321231329214
Grigg, KathrynAA673319324412327
Harper, Pete (GA)AA535215653317325
Harper, Rachel (GA)AA586221632213344
Heisterkamp, Abbey (GA)AA642416751316327
Howard, Steve (GA)AA383418442515339
Lavides, TobieAA3446176425173411High Animal
McCombs, LynetteAA433111562316274
Shaver, Bill (GA)AA32229682420296
Sturz, Brad (GA)AA4717195732173693rd AA
Taylor, John (GA)AA334515530210257
Wiles, ToddAA8814217524183981st AA
Owens, Ronda (GA)A23005224210154
Reese, Ben (GA)A4031822004126
Sharp, EdA331184215122072nd A, High Animal
Swords, Mark (GA)A324413131382141st A
Lang, Kathleen (GA)B343111421292061st B, High Animal
Thomas, Traci (GA)B1200331116932nd B


January 2016 Smallbore Silhouette

Another great match! We had a full house today and pretty good weather. We love seeing all these new B shooters!

Remember, NO FEBRUARY MATCH due to range improvements. NO MARCH MATCH because of the Florida State Sunshine Classic in Jacksonville. If you need an application let me know. I think I emailed it to everyone. Then in APRIL is the GEORGIA STATE MATCH at our range. Don;t forget to register for that as well.

Standard Rifle

Wayne Merier874827
Perry Merier7107731Match Winner, 10 pigs
Hugh McCombs61049291st AAA, 10 pigs
Joe Loehle964928
Lawrence Waller884424
Richard Sapp595423
Lynette McCombs7658261st AA, 5 Rams
Brad Sturz5935225 pigs
Jim Burdette6844225 pigs
Curtis Harris351110
Ronda Owens2364151st A
Joe Miranda224311
Tony Narracci5245161st B
Larry Moody3324122nd B (shootoff)
Kathy Lang341412
James Luizer601411
Kent Bonney12126
Ginny Luizer31004
Traci Thomas22004

Hunter Rifle

Perry Merier896730Match Winner
Hugh McCombs81056291st Master, 10 pigs
Richard Sapp875727
1st AAA
Joe Loehle8858291st AAA
Lawrence Waller883827
Wayne Merier876324
Curtis Harris343212
Brad Sturz7745231st AA, 5 pigs
Lynette McCombs657321
Jim Burdette762419
Joe Miranda2324111st A (shootoff)
Ronda Owens342211
Tony Narracci4743181st B
Larry Moody4324132nd B
Kathy Lang442212
Kent Bonney24017
Traci Thomas00123
James Luizer10203

January 2016 Matches

Due to a change in schedule, January matches are now ON. Improvements to the range will now take place in February. Check with your Match Director to see if your February match is being held.

December 2015 Silhouette Shoot

Thanks everyone for coming out today. Light turnout due to holidays. It was also quite chilly, but we had hot chocolate and coffee to keep you warm. Hugh McCombs took home both Match Winners today, though he had to win by shootoff in the hunter match.

Reminder: We WILL have a match in January. Range improvements are now scheduled for February.

Standard Rifle

Wayne Merier788528
Hugh McCombs9106732Match Winner
Joe Loehle91044271st AAA
Steve Howard8666261st AA
Brad Sturz7952235 pig, 5 chicken
Lynette McCombs754521
Curtis Harris6555215 chicken
Pete Harper5647221st A, 5 pig
Joe Miranda542516
Ronda Owens51028
Larry Moody4644181st B
Kathy Lang641112
Tony Naracci41218

Hunter Rifle

Hugh McCombs797730Match Winner (shootoff)
Joe Loehle9759301st AAA
Wayne Merier974727
Curtis Harris733215
Brad Sturz6858271st AA
Lynette McCombs784625
Steve Howard7625205 chickens
Pete Harper452617
Joe Miranda2126111st A
Ronda Owens441110
Larry Moody4522131st B
Tony Narracci20248
Kathy Lang41117

November Silhouette Match

We had a great match today. We were missing a lot of the regulars, but we had a bunch of new shooter show up. We had 5 new shooters including a new junior shooter. Our veteran shooters did a great job helping them along. The new shooters shot some great scores for their first times. It was also quite windy out this morning, with the direction changing a good bit. Brad Sturz won his first match with an excellent score of 29.

Standard Rifle

Wayne Merier287118
Hugh McCombs8666261st AAA
Joe Loehle936321
Dan Makley362112
Brad Sturz976729Match Winner, 5 chicken pin
Lynette McCombs7565231st AA
Steve Howard752317
Rachel Harper35209
Pete Harper5525171st A
Ronda Owens423110
Alan Boulton23229
Kathy Lang554216
Larry Moody5412121st Unc
Cooper Wood212051st Junior
Traci Thomas12025
E. W. Dewitt13015
Robert Cheatham10001

Hunter Rifle

Hugh McCombs899430Match Winner
Wayne Merier6944231st AAA
Joe Loehle685322
Dan Makley554519
Steve Howard7638241st AA, 5 ram pin
Brad Sturz5844212nd AA
Lynette McCombs754319
Pete Harper523515
Rachel Harper43119
Ronda Owens343313
Kathy Lang3621121st B
Alan Boulton21003
Larry Moody5403121st Unc
Cooper Wood220261st Junior
E.W. Dewitt10124
Traci Thomas00101

Our Range in Shooting Sports USA Magazine

It is just a small photo on the last page of the magazine. But it shows our club at the 2015 Georgia State Silhouette Match last April with one of the Junior Lady competitors (who happens to be a heck of a good shooter).

The entire online magazine can be viewed here:

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 8.24.18 AM

Silhouette September 2015

Though the range was pretty  muddy and some of the targets were in puddles after getting knocked down, it was a pretty nice day. Started overcast for the first match and was bright and sunny the second match. Great scores the first match, and not great scores the second match… all around. Thanks for coming out.

Standard Rifle

Wayne Merier885425
Joe Loehle8107732Match Winner, 10 Pigs
Hugh McCombs8877301st AAA
Brad Sturz8747261st AA, 5 chicken, 5 pig
Dan Makley9454222nd AA, 5 chicken
Steve Howard347721
Lynette McCombs654520
Curtis Harris644216
Rachel Harper371314
Taylor Davis9634221st A, 5 chicken
Pete Harper763521
Ronda Owens7122125 chicken
Johnie Johnson232512
Tony Narracci311271st B
Kathy Lang11136

Hunter Rifle

Hugh McCombs656724
Joe Loehle955524Match Winner
Wayne Merier5657231st AAA
Dan Makley576523
Lynette McCombs6644201st AA
Rachel Harper635519
Brad Sturz564419
Steve Howard634417
Taylor Davis6653201st A
Pete Harper645520
Johnie Johnson564116
Ronda Owens32128
Kathy Lang330281st B
Tony Narracci13116