Long Range Shooters Clinic Info

April 6, 2019 at CGGC. You do not have to be a member to shoot. This will be a very controlled class where you can learn about long range shooting and get the data for your rifle to make sure you can shoot it at that range. 

Here is a PDF to download and put your information on. Fill out as much as you can. This will help us help you.

Shooters Clinic PDF

January 2016 Matches

Due to a change in schedule, January matches are now ON. Improvements to the range will now take place in February. Check with your Match Director to see if your February match is being held.

Scoped Rifle Match Rules and Regulations

Section 1


  1. Existing Coastal Georgia Gun Club safety rules and regulations will be enforced.  Anytime rifles are uncased the firearm must be unloaded, magazine removed, action open and Empty Chamber Indicator inserted.
  2. Uncased rifles must be placed in rifle rack in the condition described in paragraph 1 of this section until instructed to bring rifles to the firing position by match director or range safety officer.
  3. No competitor shall have on their person any loaded firearm during competition not related to the competition.  Exceptions can be granted by the match director or range safety officer.
  4. On any question of safety, match director’s decision is final.

Section 2


  1. Any safe rifle of .30 caliber or less, non-magnum, will be allowed for competition.
  2. A larger non-magnum caliber, i.e. 8 mm Mauser, may be allowed at match director discretion.
  3. Any safe action may be used for competition; i.e. bolt action, semi-automatic, lever action.
  4. No fully automatic firearms allowed in competition.
  5. Any weight rifle may be used for competition, so long as, the rifle is able to be handled in a safe manner at all times during competition.
  6. Any weight trigger pull is allowed for competition, so long as, only the deliberate depression of the trigger causes the discharge of the firearm.
  7. Any accidental of negligent discharge of a firearm, or any safety violation will be cause for disqualification and immediate removal of the firearm and the shooter from the firing line.
  8. Match director’s decision is final.

Section 3


  1. Any safe ammunition, not disqualified by any other section of these rules and regulations, or disqualified by the rules and regulations of the Coastal Georgia Gun Club is allowed for competition.
  2. No incendiary, tracer, explosive or steel-penetrating ammunition is allowed.


Section 4


  1. Any telescopic sight of 12x magnification or less may be used in competition.  Any adjustable magnification scope must be set and secured, by taping or other means, at no more than 12x magnification.
  2. If three or more competitors with greater than 12x magnification optics wish to compete, they will do so in an out-of-competition or special class at the discretion of the match director.
  3. The use of spotting scopes are allowed during competition.  Magnification range is unlimited.  Rules for a specific match may prohibit the use of spotting scopes by a shooter.  Shooters will be advised of rule changes prior to the start of a match.


Section 5


  1. The butt of the rifle must be placed in the shoulder of the shooter during firing.
  2. The butt of the rifle, or any rigid attachment or adjuster, may not come in contact with the ground at any time.  The butt of the rifle may rest atop an empty balled fist.
  3. No artificial rigid support is allowed under the butt of the rifle.
  4. A rear, non-rigid, squeeze bag is allowed to be used under the butt of the rifle during competition.

4.1)   A squeeze bag is defined as a bag or pouch, designed to be held in the non-shooting hand, filled with a non-rigid substance that will raise or lower the rear of the rifle when squeezed and relaxed by the hand.

4.2)   Non-rigid is defined as a substance that will not retain its shape and structure when pressure from the hand is released.

  1. At no time during firing may the butt of the rifle rest solely on the squeeze bag in its most relaxed form as to create a rigid rest.
  2. The use of a monopod, bipod or hand-supported shooting stick may be used under the fore stock of the rifle and must be located at the forward end of the fore stock.  No device using more than two legs for support is allowed.
  3. In lieu of a device described in paragraph 6 of this section, a sand bag or similar device may be placed under the same area of the fore stock providing the contact surface of the stock does not exceed two and one-half inches, and the footprint of the device does not exceed four inches in length parallel to the bore axis.
  4. In the absence of the devices described in paragraphs 6 and 7 of this section, a competitor may opt to shoot sling-supported.  At no time shall any part of the rifle or magazine come in contact with the ground.
  5. Only one device of forward support may be used during a string of fire.  However, the shooter may choose to use a different type of acceptable forward support for each string of fire.

Section 6

Course of Fire

  1. The number of rounds fired during a regular match shall not exceed twenty.  Exceptions may be made for special matches.  These changes will be published prior to the match date.
  2. No sighting shots are allowed.
  3. No saved rounds or alibi’s caused by the competitor’s equipment or ammunition will be allowed.  In the event of a misfire the shooter may clear the action, load a new round and continue the course of fire. This procedure must be performed safely and within the normal time allotted for that string of fire.
  4. In the event of range equipment malfunction the shooter may be given extra time or the option to re-fire the stage at the discretion of the match director.
  5. The course of fire will consist of engaging static and/or reactive targets from a distance of one hundred to six hundred yards.  These distances may be known or unknown depending on the particular stage of fire.
  6. The stages of fire, distance, shape, type and size of targets may vary from match to match.  Publication or courses of fire changes will be made when practical, and if possible.  Shooters may receive notification through the club’s website, the Highpower Facebook page or through e-mail.

Section 7

Range Control

  1. All matters relating to safety, equipment, conduct of the shooters, or courses of fire will be subject to the discretion of the match director and range safety officer.
  2. A cease fire may be called by any competitor when an unsafe condition is observed.
  3. If a cease fire is called, all shooters will immediately stop firing and await further instructions from the match director or range safety officer.


The Range Opens Friday!

After a LOT of work done, the range is scheduled to open up on Friday morning, October 3, 2014 at 8:00am!

The High Power Match IS being held on Saturday as normal. It will be their CMP Garand Match.