Freeze Warning January 21-23, 2014

Due to below freezing temperatures, we will be letting faucets drip in the bathrooms and the pump house. The range is still open however. It will be turned off by Thursday at noon.

Range update

photo 1

A lot of work was done this weekend. Even though there was a threat of real rain and some heavy fog, members were out early putting up steel on the line. It was some heavy work lifting and carrying the steel beams, and it is really appreciated.

On Saturday the rifle line was done. On Sunday the pistol line was completed. We basically have a completed structure without a roof. There is still some tweaking and straightening to do, but the heavy lifting part is done.

Some more photos:

photo 2 photo 5 photo 4 photo 3photoNew Line

New Pistol firing line cover.

New Pistol firing line cover.